HELPDESK SUPPORT: 0861 773 783

Partserve runs the Playstation helpdesk from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. We offer pre and post sales support. We offer technical support on the console, as well as connectivity issues.

Partserve has warranty centers in all 5 major city centers, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, PE and Bloemfontein

Front line Consumer Exchange program for PSP, PlayStation 2 ,3 and 4

For each Partserve branch we offer and exchange program for the customers. If the machine is under warranty, the customer is required to take the console as well as the proof of warranty to one of our repair centers. The machine will be swopped should stock be available. Out of warranty items are also exchanged for a fee. Partserve does support only PAL systems.

Centralized refurbishment of PlayStation products

Partserve is the only official repair and refurbish warranty centre in South Africa. All refurbish Playstation products are done in our main office in Johannesburg. The machines are repaired under strict quality control measures set out by SCEE. All products completed go through a final dianostic program from SCEE.

Regional Stocking of Refurbished exchange product

Partserve does stock the other branches with exchange units based on consumption reports. Besides the major centers in South Africa, we also manage and stock exchange units in our partner branch in Namibia.

Parts and Product forecasting and planning

Parts for all Playstation products are stocked, based on usage reports. No spares are sold to customers as per SCEE contract. Nearly all spare parts are ordered for the Playstation products.

Spare parts procurement, Warehousing and distribution

Spare part procurement is done in Johannesburg, our warehouse not only stocks exchange units for the warranty program, but also all spare parts to repair the Playstation console. No accessorie parts are stocked