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Warranty Repair and return of Lenovo Consumer products.

 - All warranty is validated by means of a proof of purchase supplied by the customer.

 - If the product is found to be under warranty and parts are available PartServe will endeavour to repair and make available for collection the repaired product within 3 working days of receipt

 - If the product is out of warranty a quote will be supplied to the customer with 48hours of receipt of the faulty product. Subject to pricing being available from supplier.

• Spare parts Regional Warehousing and distribution

- PartServe does not stock warranty spare parts, these are supplied on a per incident basis by Lenovo.

• Faulty Spare parts RMA management

- PartServe along with Lenovo manages the reverse logistics of all faulty spare parts to be returned to Lenovo for recovery.

• DOA refurbishment and remarketing

- All Lenovo product that fails within the first 7 days of operation is returned to PartServe in order for PartServe to Validate the product failure.

- If PartServe find the product to be faulty a fault report will be sent to Lenovo and the DOA validated

- PartServe has an open agreement with Lenovo whereby all DOA product will automatically be purchased by PartServe and remarketed as second hand product.