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Epson warranty program is made up of the following components:

Helpdesk support: 0860 33 77 66

PartServe manages the Epson warranty call center for all pre sales and post sales for customers, dealers and technicians.

The helpdesk operates Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

The helpdesk assists customer setting up their units, as well as diagnosing faults. The helpdesk will also advise customers on applications, and which Epson best suits the customers’ needs.

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Customer update services, SMS, email and call centre

PartServe is an authorized service center for all Epson warranty and out of warranty products. Proof of warranty needs to be brought with your warranty product to facilitate a warranty event. Warranty products which are part of the Epson Express Program will be exchanged while the customer waits, should we have stock available

PartServe does repairs to all out of warranty Epson products also, we offer competitive pricing on spares. Customers are updated regularly on the status of the job. Customers are updated via SMS and email, through our dedicated customer service team. The customer is updated from the time the unit is booked until the unit is ready for collection.

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Epson Express warranty exchange services

PartServe manages the Epson Express centre in the 5 major centers in South Africa, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, PE, and Bloemfontein, PartServe also manages other warranty centers with the stock that they require. PartServe not only manages the Epson Express centers in South Africa, but also neighboring Africa countries


Epson centralized refurbishment

Epson products are repaired under strict quality control measures. Epson products are repaired and refurbished at the main branch in Johannesburg.  With our stock holding of Epson spares we are able to repair and refurbish units to their original condition. Once units are repaired to their original condition they can be used again in the Epson Warranty Express Program. The refurbish units are also used for other Epson warranty centers throughout the country.



Epson Parts Procurement

PartServe carries a large range of Epson spares, from the smallest Epson mechanism to our largest Epson large format printers. We offer competitive pricing on spares. We do stock most of the Epson spares based on a monthly usage. Should we not have the part available, we will order the part for you from Epson. The spares are used in our warranty program, out of warranty program, refurbishment , as well as for our other Epson service partners in and out of South Africa.

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Epson warranty spare parts processing for ASP’s

PartServe does maintain stock levels for spare parts for the warranty program for PartServe as well as our other service partners. Epson ASP's can order the part from PartServe, and should the part be used on a warranty event, the part can be claimed using our Epson event website.

Epson Accredited training

PartServe Channel Support is the only official warranty training center in South Africa. The training is done at PartServe's premises. We do the training for the following products:

POS Engineering, EMP Projector Engineering, Stylus A4 & A3 Engineering, Scanner Engineering, Dot Matrix Engineering, Stylus Pro Series Engineering, Laser printer Engineering.

More details can be found regarding the training on the following website: or alternatively mailing your query to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Epson Warranty web site management

PartServe also maintains the Epson Warranty Website, , warranty definitions, warranty express centers and authorized repair centers can be found using the website

The Epson Warranty website is also used to check upcoming training events using the Calendar. Once trained, each Epson engineer does receive a special TAN number to confirm engineer status, which can also be found on the website.

Extended warranty packs can be purchased from the website after registering a user name. Once an extended warranty pack is purchased, the extended warranty can be registered using the site.

All authorized Epson service centre, capture all warranty events on this website. DOA events are also claimed via the website.

Stripping machines and restocking useable parts

Through PartServe Epson refurbishment program, we are able to recover spares which are reusable. These spares are tested, and packaged as scrap recovery for customers to purchase.  Spares and Epson units which aren't recoverable are sent to a scrap disposal, for a destruction certificate